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If your wife not desire to sex in night then you should try sex Pill for sexual desire in women. Sex pills drugs to control the mind, erotic hypnosis and telepathy porn, sophisticated and horny alien technology. Anything goes. These are some of the methods that serve the fans of sites like Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive, an erotic subgenre that is cooked on the internet and fantasize with the idea of controlling the mind to warm to others, and thus cause succulent mental orgasms without there being even a kiss. What today is not investigating pharmaceutical erotic fiction, it is a drug to increase libido in women that falls right in this: chemically activated in the female brain areas involved in desire. Everything seemed perfect, but did not reach orgasm. There was something that Pfizer had not included in the targets, the idea that women desire nests in our brain. And this is where the pickup points Dutch doctor. The new medicine for female desire is directed to neurons that are activated during female arousal. The cocktail takes to begin coverage testosterone, minty. After a dose of buspoirone, medicine used to fight anxiety and also similar to Viagra, which increases blood flow to the genitals compound. Sex pill has been presented to society as the big bet to solve the main female dilemma bedroom. It is pill that will save monogamy, because married life is, according to experts, the main reason that female desire plummets over the years. In the early days of a relationship sexual desire it is not only balanced, but in some studies shown to be higher in women. These are other common reasons why hominid entangles us with the desire and just in consulting a sexologist: stress, lack of communication, cultural taboos and inability to relax before a sexual encounter. With all this, I remembered the first to speak of experiencing mental orgasms without drugs, but also without caresses and tactless: orgasms with just imagine. She calls herself coaching sex. For those who do not know, what made sex pills few decades ago was to ensure that it was possible climax only with the mind, and prepared for it. His idea would possibly store in the drawer sex stories had it not been because at Rutgers University. They put in a scanner to visualize your brain during ecstasy, and that was the first orgasm live for science.

The pill will save monogamy

Neuroscientists have found that the brain was activated testosteron booster test your fantasy just as if it had occurred genital stimulation. Imagining is to sex pills, the remote control, the click, alien technology, the pink Viagra, the door to the Think off proposes: leave out the daily thoughts that many women take to bed with her nightgown, not only mortgage, also the cultural Everest we load fears. Imagining is free, and has no side effects. The dilemma for many sexologists are contrary to Lybrido is perverse to use a drug to mask our personal conflicts, dramas alcove and poor life. The proposal, they say, is to use pills that allow us to pull pa Lante, with whatever. Also, they note that medicalization of sexuality increasingly removed from its true essence, nature of female desire, and disagree with the idea of understanding as a disease that libido is hidden in the trunk of memories. Lybrido when it's released, it will take seconds traded in bulk on the Internet black market. I do not think it difficult to get. But honestly, I prefer to imagine.

Throwing a pill to increase female libido: Effective Pills Hold More on Bed

Note that wanders through social networks in recent days about the new drug is intended for women who want their libido. That's right, the "blue pill" changed color, and is now pink. Medically known as flibanserin, this pill has caused controversy for its recent approval by the FDA (Food and Drug), after being rejected 2 times. Finally the creative laboratory, Sprout, is just one step to overcome the latest test and go to market with the name "Addyi". The constant rejection was due to the side effects it had on women, such as drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, fainting and decrease in blood pressure. And not to mention the cultural issue, which many have intervened arguing about female sexual liberation. Unlike Viagra, whose formula serves a purely physiological problem (lack of erection) in men, the pink pill has a much more complex to solve issue, because the problem responds to an interaction between hormones, the chemical activity of the brain the emotional level he has with his partner and the cultural theme. The main target is comprised of premenopausal women, which, according to figures from laboratory Sprout, 7% suffer from this condition and live in terrible anguish of not knowing how to recover the sexual appetite. What makes the flibanserin is to increase dopamine and norepinephrine, but decreasing serotonin, which is what, increases the level of stress in the body. The goal of any man when having sex with a woman is to satisfy amply and prove to be a real beast in bed. But unfortunately this is for a high percentage of men an illusion. Premature ejaculation or problems to endure longer in bed is one of the pads to hold more in the most common sexual bed conditions in men, affecting one in every five men. Clearly, if no solution is put is a problem that can become chronic over time, but the pills to endure longer in bed offer what you need. Despite what many may think, the pills have a much stronger, powerful and lasting erections offer truly optimal results. These allow both men and women can enjoy peacefully a few sessions of more intense and prolonged sex. It is precisely for this reason that it is so very important not to ingest any pill that offer you..

Male sex pills: Essential Pills Hold More on Bed Change Your Life

Worldwide it is known that sex plays an important role in relationships, for this reason it is essential that men can offer their maximum potential. Moreover, there are many men who consider sex as a basic pillar in his life, hence the importance of showing to your partner as masculinity and virility in bed. Men sex pills to endure longer in bed that will change your life, reliable, safe and effective pills that will help you be a God of sex with your girlfriend or wife. This miracle pill against premature ejaculation offers some truly amazing effects. This medication is dispensed by prescription and should be eaten about 4 minutes before penetration. Mention should not be taken more than once every 24 hours. Male sex pills is another of the pills to endure longer in bed you should consider, as it is an effective pill that guarantees a quality sex life. In addition to helping control premature ejaculation, this pill improves general all sexual bodily functions. It is really desirable pills because of its beneficial results. Thanks to these pills you can enjoy a full sex and enjoy more intense and prolonged orgasms. It is considered the best drug to control premature ejaculation. Last longer in bed, please your partner, and will not remain an ordeal. Take any more pills to endure longer in bed will become perfect allies to enjoy the dream sex.

Treatments with pills to recover the female libido and side effects

Sexual libido throughout the life of every woman suffers ups and downs, comings and goings, for different reasons. There physiological reasons usually appear over time, reaching certain ages, such as menopause in women. On the other side are the valleys caused by psychological reasons such as stress certain situations, drastic changes in routine, loss, emotional changes and insecurity, a series of events or thoughts that are reflected in libido dramatically and often increase the psychological problem like a snake biting its own tail. To avoid getting into this loop, often exasperating, there are methods in the market to stimulate female libido and enhance energy required to exit any of these problems. To help solve this problem sometimes is asphyxiating we present 5 different kinds of pills to recover the female libido. This libido booster tablets are a dietary supplement to revitalize women, boosting libido, improves appetite and sexual experience. They have a direct effect as a remedy for menopause Valley, energetic and invigorating aphrodisiac. Composed of natural ingredients, directly affects the nerve centers, stimulating blood flow and muscle relaxation getting. We opted for this product for inclusion in offers of help for their permanent effect. It is a prolonged treatment time and energy to enjoy increased libido all day throughout the treatment. This supplement is a stimulant of libido capsule acting temporarily from one hour after taking it to 1 or 2 days, depending on the person. Increases sexual temporarily and indefinitely, made for specific meetings performance. Here highlight this libido product for specific meetings, sexual, romantic getaways, it has shorter duration time, but higher than other products. Libido booster capsules enhancing pills are another dietary supplement to overcome the problems of female libido thanks to its natural composition. Intake takes place about 30 or 45 minutes before sex to increase libido and lubrication, acting as an aphrodisiac for hottest games. The use of this product is very similar to Viagra in men. It is an energetic contribution to specific moments such as sexual encounters. Some libido booster pills have side effects; you should consult with your doctors before using any sex pills.